My goal was for the blog name to be as mysterious as I am, but if you can’t handle the mystery, here’s a little about me…

I’m not sure where the passion for travel came from it has always been a constant in my life. Well, maybe I do know, my parents never shied about taking their 3 daughters on road trips, camping trips and Euro trips. I was 10 when we traveled to Costa Rica and 13 when we traveled Europe for the summer. Because of this I’ve never question traveling, it’s always been a part of my life and it always will be.

I fully succumbed to wanderlust after my first trip to Southeast. Two years after that trip I was moving to Vietnam and exploring Southeast Asia any chance I got. The expat life was treating me well so after 2 years in ‘Nam’ I moved to Denmark. Being a masters student in Denmark means sometimes I spend the weekend in the library, but sometimes I get to spend the weekend in Berlin or London.

After writing email after email of advice and must-see’s for Vietnam, I thought it was time to put all of that in a blog. This blog is a journey for me as I figure out my voice, but it’s also a compilation of past trips through Asia and my current adventures in Europe.


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